[fpc-pascal] real to integer

Пётр Косаревский ppkk at mail.ru
Tue May 30 11:43:16 CEST 2006

> > i would have beat my head against a wall for days on a problem like that.

It was absolutely unexpected by me. You saw: unit order matter very much and both units may be without sources (people are not supposed to install sources every time).

Signalling error "wrong type", when I have correct function, is like nonsense.

> Using the wrong tool for the wrong job, I would say. A compiler is to compiler, an 
> IDE to write code.

If so, compiler would submit messages in human unreadable format to IDE or make.

> > i would suggest that this is an opportunity to think about error
> > reporting in the compiler.

Well, that was what I wanted to say.

> > i would suggest, as a compiler enhancement, maybe ...
> > a) the compiler could report ambigous symbols as a warning
> > b) the error could report fully qualifed symbols on errors

To now it reports "...found declaration...", but does not state where.

> Yes, more verbose error messages are always nice (until they get too verbose).

I talk about "-va" mode: I get tons of messages about paths/files compiler looks at for units, but no good hint.

At first I was to submit bug report like "error in documentation: sysutils.deletefile has other declaration". (By the way, sysutils itself uses windows unit with FPC for win32.)

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