[fpc-pascal] spin_lock

Burkhard Carstens fpc at bcsoft.de
Tue May 30 08:10:03 CEST 2006

Am Dienstag, 30. Mai 2006 01:05 schrieb Alain Michaud:
> Hi,
> would someone know how to execute: spin_lock spin_lock_init and
> spin_unlock
> I just want to disable the interrupts for 200 miliseconds maximum!
> This is not too long and hopefuly, my system will not crash...

Well, 200 ms is about ages for the CPU/Kernel ..

> Does someone has any experience with this kind of situation.

This is not that easy: Is it only for UP or maybe also for SMP machines?
Basically, for x86 the "cli" and "sti" asm instructions do disable/
enable interrupts, but read about it before you try.
Currently, I do such stuff only inside a driver (Linux kernel: 
spin_lock, or win98 vxd: cli/sti) and don't know about any user space 
function for this.

You might want to give some more details about your "situation".
arch? os? and why would you do this? There might be a better solution.. 
than locking the hole system for 1/5 second ..


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