[fpc-pascal] unit name with dots

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Fri May 26 17:37:33 CEST 2006

mariano podesta wrote:
>     > > This looks to me like a delphi bug.
> a bug? are you serious?

Of course, asdf.asdf is no valid pascal identifier.

>     A unit must be a valid pascal
>     > > identifier. 
> fpc just support valid standard pascal? this is not what i heard.
> delphi7 supports it since 2002. not a .net release.

We don't support every bug/strange thing delphi supports.

>     Or is there any use in supporting this?
> ofcourse there is a use.
> you see a use in "myfile.tar.gz"? or is a bug too?

This is something different?

> open your mind mr. quaid.

If you want to insult people you might do it somewhere else. Thank you.

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