[fpc-pascal] a suggestion...

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Wed May 24 22:30:53 CEST 2006

FK> Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> On 24 mei 2006, at 17:30, Florian Klaempfl wrote:
>>> Not really because it is simply a tar ball of several .tar.gz. Because
>>> gzip is spread wider, we use this instead of bzip2/7zip.
>> Isn't bzip2 available more or less everywhere nowadays? (at least where
>> gzip is available, and in particular on Linux?)
FK> At least on debian woody it wasn't installed by default. No idea about
FK> sarge.

Just wondering: is RAR considered "spread wide"?

I know that compressor is commercial, but uncompressor is not (sources
are available, if I remember right), and it
compresses sources better than gzip by 25% (often even more). There
are better compressors, they are free (sometimes even open source),
but support matters (dos, windows, pocket pc, linux, free bsd and
macos x versions are ready to download).

Or is it completely unacceptable because it isn't free?

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