[fpc-pascal] is planned next 2.0.x release?

Lukas Gebauer gebylist at mlp.cz
Wed May 17 21:44:18 CEST 2006


is planned some next 2.0.x release?

I am adopting my Synapse library for unix based targets, and I found lot 
of problems with current FPC version 2.0.2. (like lot of bugs in netdb, 
sockets unit not have constant definitions for each targets, etc.) 

All this problems seems to be fixed in 2.0.x snapshots. But I need to be 
compatible with some FPC release... ;-( This is reason why I asking for 
next release of FPC. Is chance to release next 2.0.x version soon, or you 
are waiting for 2.1.x version?

Thank you.

Lukas Gebauer.

E-mail: gebauerl at mlp.cz
WEB: http://www.ararat.cz/synapse - Synapse Delphi and Kylix TCP/IP 

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