[fpc-pascal] Using sqldb/firebird

Luiz Americo pascalive at bol.com.br
Mon Jan 30 23:31:06 CET 2006

I'm trying to use firebird through sqldb but i'm having some problems that i don't know if is a bug or i'm missing something. 
Using fpc 202, sqldb svn, windows XP, firebird 1.5.2 

See the attached program: it tries to insert some rows to a table named test. When i add only one row it works fine, but when i try to add several (100) it fails with the following: 
EDatabaseError : : PrepareStatement: 
-Dynamic SQL Error 
-SQL error code = -104 
-Token unknown - line 2, char 1 
$0040D5FB DATABASEERROR, line 1829 of E:/subversion/fpc/fcl/db/db.pp 
$00406561 TIBCONNECTION__CHECKERROR, line 120 of E:/subversion/fpc/fcl/db/sq 
$004076FD TIBCONNECTION__PREPARESTATEMENT, line 442 of E:/subversion/fpc/fcl 
$0040B391 TSQLQUERY__PREPARE, line 639 of E:/subversion/fpc/fcl/db/sqldb/sql 
$0040BF12 TSQLQUERY__EXECSQL, line 885 of E:/subversion/fpc/fcl/db/sqldb/sql 
I'd be glad if someone could help me 
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