[fpc-pascal] IDE-fpc messages

guido ursoleo guido_ursoleo at tiscali.it
Mon Jan 30 23:38:03 CET 2006

> Dear list,
> the output appears (also in xterm) like that (program hello! ) :
> _______
> Running " miofile"
> |° Free pascal IDE Version 1.0.6 [2005/12/07]  Hello World !
>                                                                       |° 
Compiler Version 2.0.2
>                                                                                                               GDB 
> n GDB 6.0.1

If you are using the crt unit, this could happen. Are you using the crt
unit ?


Dear Michael and list,
i've resolved my problem using the combination of
the two commands
uses crt;
but i've now an other problem. My IDE fp does not
display any compiler messages (i've clicked on the menu
Compile---->Compiler Messages and activated all X in Options--->
Compiler---> Verbose but i don't see any message from the compiler
when i compile my programs !!).
What may i do ?

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