[fpc-pascal] OOT: Pascal (especially FPC) on Linux community

Ron Weidner xecronix at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 30 19:27:20 CET 2006

> > * Provide a "native" GUI for FPC (maybe by
> > porting/extending CGUI?)
> >
> There is MSEide + MSEgui:

This looks like what I was talking about.  I haven't
spent more than 10 minutes with it yet but so far it
looks good.

FPC might already run on the GP2X.  It's an ARM based
console running Linux so... it's possible.

I might have spoken too soon about porting Allegro as
well.  Although, I feel it's a great and usefull tool,
FPC already has PTCP which can be found here.


That said, there is really nothing stoping someone
from writting a cool, cross-platform, game in FPC.  If
you would like to use OpenGL FPC can do that too. 
Here are tutorials...


and of course FPC comes with OpenGL examples.

Of course every game needs sound.  And there is no
better way to provide it than the open OGG sound
format.  It's better than MP3 with no royalties or
commercial licenses.


So, if someone wants to increase the popularity of
FPC, the tools are all there.  

PTCP    -- Keyboard, mouse, and joystick i/o.  2d GFX
and hi res timers.

OpenGL  -- 'nuff said. :)
ACS     -- Sound in many formats including OGG

Network -- Well, I haven't looked too hard yet but I'm
sure there is a cross-platform TCP/IP tool set out
there somewhere for FPC.  If not, I know there is for
C that could be ported or wrapped.  

All that's needed is a game development team and a
cool idea.  If you want to join a new game development
team, there is no better time than now.  I can provide
some web hosting for a small team, email addresses,
forums, etc.  I could help promote FPC based game
products.  Oh yeah, I can also contribute code and
maybe a little art.

What can you do?            

Ronald Weidner
PHP Software developer for hire.

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