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guido ursoleo guido_ursoleo at tiscali.it
Sun Jan 29 19:39:02 CET 2006

Dear list,
the output appears (also in xterm) like that (program hello! ) :
Running " miofile"

|° Free pascal IDE Version 1.0.6 [2005/12/07]  Hello World !
									|° Compiler Version 2.0.2 
														GDB Versio
n GDB 6.0.1


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Subject: IDE fp
Date: Saturday 28 January 2006 14:54
From: guido ursoleo <guido_ursoleo at tiscali.it>
To: fpc-pascal at lists.freepascal.org

Dear list,
i've a problem with the output of IDE freepascal ( command fp ).
I've linux installed and gnome terminal. I launch the IDE pascal typing
 the command $ fp, edit my source file, compile it and when i execute it by
the Run menu it opens the output window with the output of the program on
rows not alligned. could you help me ?
thanks in advance,

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