[fpc-pascal] Ansistrings DLL/DSO hack (memory manager)

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Wed Jan 25 19:00:48 CET 2006

Sorry for the double posting, the emails took a long time to get through.

> It's exactly the same principle as using cmem, just that you are
> using another memory manager than the one of the standard C library.
> It has the same advantages (can return and accept ansistrings to/from
> FPC-compiled programs and libararies) and problems (must not return
> and accept ansistrings to/from programs not compiled with FPC). Well,
> another advantage is of course for OS'es where the interface to libc
> changes all the time (although I doubt the interface to malloc/free
> etc will change anytime soon).

And this case we use FPC mem manager rather than relying on our operating system
friend - just makes me feel better to be able to utilize FPC mem manager if I can!

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