[fpc-pascal] parameter names local, global, glocal

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Thu Jan 19 11:46:53 CET 2006

L505 wrote:
>>>Is it possible the Apple/Mac line feed could be causing your name
>>>to be rammed into
>>>the text below :-)
>>No. Mac OS X uses the same line feed as every other *nix out there.
>>From the FPC ReadLn sources I was under the impression that the Mac used #13 for line
> feeds and unix used #10 for line feeds, but I've heard that sometimes certain unix
> systems used #13. I've always wanted to clarify this.. And then there is the end of
> file delimiter which also came to mind.

Regarding EOL, you have to take into account the difference between Mac 
OS (classic) and Mac OS X.


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