[fpc-pascal] method pointers

memsom memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Tue Jan 17 11:33:53 CET 2006

>> In Delphi, the line
>>         @UserDataEvent := pointer(FUserDataHandlers[I]);
>> is common practice. What is the difference to FPC and the appropriate
>> workaround?

Forgive me for jumping in without reading the whole thread (Webmail is a
real PITA for this) but; No that is not completely correct. It does depend
on what you are doing. In Delphi, the _usual_ way to assign a method
pointer is as follows:

type TMyMethodPointer = procedure (const s; string) of object;

  mp: TMyMethodPointer;

  mp := AnInstance.CompatibleMethod;

However, for function pointers:

type TMyFuncPointer = procedure (const s; string);

  fp: TMyFuncPointer;

  fp := @CompatibleFunc;

The double dereference the poster uses above is not necessary. If
anything, the fact it works in Delphi is questionable.


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