[fpc-pascal] Problem with FPC2.0.2 and windows

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Wed Jan 4 20:46:12 CET 2006

On 04 Jan 2006, at 17:51, Hans MÃ¥rtensson wrote:

> Does PPC 2.0.2 handle alignment of data the same way as former  
> versions?

The statements below have nothing to do with alignment.

> Will the statements (the conditions)
>  if (dword(pBoxtemplate) and 1)=1 then pBoxtemplate:=nil;

I can only think of one way to interpret this.

>  if (dword(pBoxtemplate) and 2)=2 then inc(pBoxtemplate);

Somewhere in the past, inc(pBoxtemplate) would have increased  
pBoxtemplate with one. Nowadays, this increases pBoxtemplate with  
sizeof(pBoxtemplate^). I don't know when this change was done though,  
but I'm quite confident it was before 1.0. If this is the behaviour  
you need, it's ok.

> be treated the same way, and is
>  pointer(pBoxItem) - pointer(pBoxAllokate)
> still equal to the distance between the pointers measured in bytes,  
> regardless of the type of pBoxItem?



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