[fpc-pascal] Problem with FPC2.0.2 and windows

Hans MÃ¥rtensson cirkulation at maartensson.net
Wed Jan 4 17:51:25 CET 2006

Jonas Maebe wrote:

> They should be.
>> Thank you for your careful answer. I will return later if I am able  
>> to make a simple sample program that can reproduce the problem.
>> (Or may be I should stick to 1.0.10 that worked for me)
> It would be nice if you could provide the sample program (and submit  
> it as a bugreport at http://www.freepascal.org/bugs.html), since if  
> you ran into this it's quite possible that other people will do so as  
> well.

When trying to locate the problem I found out that the first problem was 
due to my mistake, I'm sorry. The error message was

Error: Incompatible types: got "<address of function(LongWord, LongWord, 
LongWord, LongInt):LongInt;StdCall>" expected "<procedure variable type 
of function(LongWord, LongWord, LongInt, LongInt):LongInt;StdCall>"

I interpreted this as if the error was caused by an address in stead of 
a procedure variable, but actually correcting the type of the 3rd 
parameter was sufficient to remove the error.
FPC 1.0.10 compiled the statement with a longword in stead of a longint 
correctly without any comments, but it looks like 2.0.2 has a much 
stronger type checking.

But my second problem persists. The program is compiled, but the 
dialogue box does not show up, when using 2.0.2.
Before I go on trying to locate this problem I must take into account 
that Windows requires the data structure for dialogue boxes to be 
aligned in a certain way, so I would like to ask the question:

Does PPC 2.0.2 handle alignment of data the same way as former versions? 
Will the statements (the conditions)
  if (dword(pBoxtemplate) and 1)=1 then pBoxtemplate:=nil;
  if (dword(pBoxtemplate) and 2)=2 then inc(pBoxtemplate);
be treated the same way, and is
  pointer(pBoxItem) - pointer(pBoxAllokate)
still equal to the distance between the pointers measured in bytes, 
regardless of the type of pBoxItem?

Hans MÃ¥rtensson

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