[fpc-pascal] Ansistrings exported in DLL's - mystery

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Tue Jan 3 18:49:10 CET 2006

> On 03 Jan 2006, at 18:29, L505 wrote:
> > I can post the psp 1.0 sources online if anyone is interested, but
> > probably it is
> > only me who is so curious ;-)
> A very easy way to solve all problems in FPC is to simply use the
> cmem unit in the dll(s) and in your main program. It should have the
> same effect as Delphi's sharemem unit.
> Jonas

Would that work with C programs that called a library? I think sharemem only works
for borland applications (i.e. pascal and C++ builder).

Just wondering if it would have an advantage over sharemem, in this case.

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