[fpc-pascal] freereport and tiOPF

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 07:31:56 CET 2006

I only noticed now, PeterH still needs to update the website for the
SVN access. I'll send him a note.

The quick answer:
svn checkout http://tiopf.techinsite.com.au/svn/tiOPF2/Trunk Source

The long answer:
The attached script will checkout (on first run only) or update your
working copy from SubVersion.  It uses the svn.exe command line client
and will create the following directory layout. The script are
currently for Windows only, but the commands under Linux should be
very similar.

     \Source               <=  From svn\tiOPF2\Trunk
     \3rdParty             <=  From svn\3rdParty
     \3rdPartyGUI          <=  From svn\3rdPartyGUI
     \Demos                <=  From svn\Demos
     \Images               <=  From svn\Images
     \SupportApps          <=  From svn\SupportApps
     \_Bin                 <=  From svn\_Bin

All you need to do is modify the "svndir" variable on line 5 to point to
the location of your svn.exe file.

NOTE FOR Free Pascal:
When compiling under Free Pascal, only the svn\tiOPF2\Trunk is needed.
All the other folders are only needed when compiling under Delphi. 
The DBDemos have not been updated for FPC yet (I must really get to

   - Graeme -

On 2/25/06, Jesus Reyes <jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx> wrote:
>  --- Graeme Geldenhuys <graemeg.lists at gmail.com> escribió:
> > tiOPF version 2 has already been converted to Free Pascal. I
> > convinced
> > my client to sponsor the work for their next project, and did it
> > during Desember.  Get the latest tiOPF framework from the
> > TechInsite
> > SVN repository.
> >
> Could you please give more information about how to download tiOPF
> through SVN? I didn't find information in
> http://www.techinsite.com.au/ about it. Or I didn´t search good,
> sorry.
> >
> > Regards,
> >   - Graeme -
> >
> >
> Jesus Reyes A.
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