[fpc-pascal] How to run FPC 2.x on QNX

Michael Müller mueller_michael at nikocity.de
Sun Feb 19 14:17:13 CET 2006


we are developing a console application under Delphi. The main task is
to use it under Windows. But there are some situations where we need
to run it under the realtime OS QNX. This is the reason why we use FPC
1.0.x. But it lacks some interesting features like dynamic arrays.

I know that QNX isn't official supported anymore. But do you see any
chances that it would be possible for us to make the needed changes to
compile FPC under QNX? Many things are Unix like and QNX supports
POSIX. So where are the difficulties to support QNX?

I didn't subscribe to the list. So please CC me in your anwser.



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