[fpc-pascal] Interactive SHELL?

Bob Richards bob at tamara-b.org
Fri Feb 17 06:17:18 CET 2006

A.J. Venter wrote:

> Maybe not, depending on what OS you are working for, try using ncrt instead, I 
> am pretty sure ncurses does NOT use raw mode so it may work.

Thanks for the reply A.J.

What I ended up using, and which worked perfectly was GetKeyEvent, TranslateKeyEvent(),
KeyEventToString(), and GetKeyEventChar(), all in the keyboard unit.

The keyboard unit gives you very good control/access to keyboard events, without mucking
with anything! The unit is a bit unfriendly, but powerful! A very good trade off.

The target platform for this job is Linux; but I believe the source should port to windows
as well.


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