[fpc-pascal] Interactive SHELL?

Bob Richards bob at tamara-b.org
Wed Feb 15 18:50:13 CET 2006

Hi All:

What I need to do is to shell out to another program [GNUpg] and allow the user to
interact with it (enter a pass phrase).

I have tried all the  FpExec routines, the Shell routines.... etc. They ALL execute gpg
correctly, with the proper command-line args, I see gpg's response on the console screen,
and it's request for a pass phrase, but, the user can NOT interact with it as the keyboard
is dead.

Now, this is understandable, since it is the main program which issued the shell command,
and any input would have to come from the entity opening the shell (the parent program,
not the console user).

Is there a way to re-direct the local console kybd to the new shell, allowing the user to
interact with gpg? Or is there another way to do this? Perhaps shelling out is not the
proper way to handle this?

The program is being compiled for Linux, with FPC 2.0.0

Best Regards

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