[fpc-pascal] Scripting in FPC

Kornel Kisielewicz charon at magma-net.pl
Fri Feb 10 11:08:18 CET 2006

Marco van de Voort napisaƂ(a):
>>> That is not possible with the GPL, LGPL or even the FPC RTL license. If 
>>> you require such credit, people will also not be able to use your 
>>> library in a (L)GPL product, because the resulting license will be 
>>> incompatible with the (L)GPL..
>> Understood. But I guess I can live with that :-). Yet, that brings up 
>> the idea of double-licencing -- licencing the library as (L)GPL for use 
>> with (L)GPL software, and a parallel licence for use in closed source 
>> software in which case attribution is needed. I guess that would be 
>> possible...
> As long as you own all rights to the lib this is possible. However if you
> use parts with different licenses in your lib, this could be troublesome.
> (e.g. Jedi-SDL headers or so)

Actually the Jedi-SDL headers are under the MPL. As for the problem 
itself -- the library uses the headers, but doesn't include them, so I 
guess the problem is not applicable?
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