[fpc-pascal] Wiki "why to use pascal"

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Thu Feb 9 14:57:25 CET 2006

Micha Nelissen wrote:
> Hi all,
> http://www.freepascal.org/wiki/index.php/Why_to_use_Pascal
> "Most of the developing time spent in Pascal is on the program itself.
> Unlike C and C++ like language, the developer does not need to focus on
> managing the memory of variables, the structure of very simple things
> like passing parameters and returning them back again."
> You don't need to manage memory of the string and dynamic array types,
> but of all others, GetMem, classtypes.Create you do; this paragraph is
> misleading, incomplete, and/or inaccurate ;-).
> "That is why Pascal developers do not need to learn a new sub-language
> inside the same language, like C++ STL, MFC and other sub languages
> inside C and C++."
> This is also not really true, depending on the definition of a
> sub-language. STL/MFC are libraries not languages, and one needs to
> learn RTL/FCL/LCL/whatever you want to work with anyway. Might be easier
> but has not really got anything to do with the language Pascal itself.
> Good points of pascal are the strong typing and the readability focus,
> plus fpc's goal to keep language feature additions to a minimum, ie.
> they really have to add something substantial and not save only some
> typing. These things are missing on the page.
> (I've also put this in discussion part of wiki, do authors of pages look
> there?).

No idea, feel free to fix the article :)

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