[fpc-pascal] Floating-point number representation on various platforms

Tom Verhoeff T.Verhoeff at tue.nl
Sun Feb 5 13:32:02 CET 2006

While writing a paper (several years ago) about the traps of using
floating-point numbers, I prepared a unit FloatView to "play" with
the internal representation according to the IEEE Std, including
to print it in various formats.

Initially, I made this work for the Linux/i386 platform only.  Later,
I tweaked it for Mac OS X (different byte order).  It supports only the
IEEE Std Single and Double format (not Extended).

I would like to make this unit available, but hesitate, because of
its platform dependence (and currently limited platform support).

Question 1: Is there an interest in such a unit?

Question 2: Any suggestions as to how to make it more platform independent,
or how to support multiple platforms in an easy way?

Looking forward to some feedback,

	Tom Verhoeff
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