[fpc-pascal] FPC game development (was: Pascal on Linux community)

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Feb 2 11:06:15 CET 2006

> On 2/2/06, Bisma Jayadi <bisma at brawijaya.ac.id> wrote:
> > I have a small domino card game. It was developed on Delphi (7) using my
> > TDominoCard component
> > (http://www.torry.net/quicksearchd.php?String=domino&Title=Yes). I plan to
> > convert it to Lazarus. But, I don't know how to convert the TDominoCard
> > component since Lazarus does not support .res file, while this component depends
> > on a .res file contain card images.
> Lazarus supports .res files. I use them often. just do a {$R
> myresfile.res} and you can use it with the Windows API.
> What is the exact code that uses the .res files?
> The only problem is that .res files are not multiplatform. You could
> try getting the image on the .res file and extract them to .bmp files.
> If you don?t want to distribute many .bmp files you can always create
> a single big file containing all bmps.
> There are various tools that can read the contents of a .res file and
> extract them.

I think he simply means the change of how the compiled .dfm is included.

(from the delphi {$i *.res}  to initialization   {$I frmmain.lrs})

To OP: this is can be done using the conversion functions, or manually with
a bit of ifdeffing if you want to keep delphi compat.

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