[fpc-pascal] USB serial interface

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Dec 28 14:26:46 CET 2006

> Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> > EPROM blaster, but obviously that sort of thing wouldn't work where the physical
> > device types differed.
> >   
> Actually, I use DOS directly. I use cheap off-the-shelf motherboard for 
> an embedded system that our company uses. The motherboard talks the the 
> system (which may be spread over kilometers) via a single serial port at 
> 9600 baud. My problem is that there are cheap motherboards appearing 
> that no longer have serial ports. I'm afraid that soon none will. 
> Therefore I am looking for alternatives.

We also had this problem, but in the end decided to stuff PCI serial cards
into it. (typically they cost Eur 18 or so). 

One of the main reasons were the high latency of the usb-serial (or straight USB
to the PIC). The other option (go networked) is still on hold, since that
requires way more work PIC side. (we use 8-bitters still)

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