[fpc-pascal] The best way for client/server with FPC ?

Marc PERTRON marc.pub at finistware.com
Wed Dec 20 20:52:26 CET 2006

I'm trying to code a little client/server software with FPC (Linux, not 
using the LCL, seems a little unstable sometimes)
I need to transfer a string (about 200 char) to the client every 3-4 
minutes, over a local network. The client need to react in less than a 
1 server, 4 clients, no security need (private network).
There is plenty of way to do that (TCP socket, CGI, database...)
I just need it to be *very* stable.
Which component or system do you think is the best to do that (i was 
thinking to lNet) ?
Thanks for any advise,

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