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Antal antal at componente.net
Sat Dec 2 20:26:18 CET 2006

I think he is only expressing an idea which is rather common even these 
days between C programmers.
Although it is based on the fact that Pascal was designed to be a learning 
language, making easy to anyone to learn programming and to make some 
software with it.
However Borland tried to ride this and to make an important programming 
language of their BP, but they was not too succesfull, due to the 
difference between a not-for-profit project and a profit based company.
So, they had had to drop BP, but they tried to rewrite the story with 
Regardless of their effort, in the meantime FPC has emerged on the market, 
but went unnoticed by those, whom had became addicted to C.
By this way, programmers working since at least 10 years have no real idea 
about FPC and they don't really care, because they have a preconception 
about Pascal in genre.
So, I noticed for many times even in comments and so on, to use Pascal as 
a bad example.
"we only use variables like "i", "j", with a single letter, unlike in 
"don't use a long name for a procedure, we are programming in C, not in 
and so on...
That's just because they can't get the basic idea: Pascal is like this, 
because it's for learning also, and it's easier to understand.
That's also because they are getting lot of programmers with a Pascal 
background, so they are trying to show them the differences between C and 

Just tell to someone, you are programming in Pascal:
"Ah, that's for kids, real programmers use C"
"Ah, I prefer to buy a software written in Fox for accounting" (alas they 
are experiencing lot of errors in Fox, but they are having a _REAL_ 
program, not a child-coded one, in pascal)
"Oh, really? How can you do that in PASCAL?"
So, I prefer to tell ppl, I'm working in FPC, which is a Delphi and Pascal 
compatible compiler, similar with GCC, but it's somehow in the middle way 
between delphi and C, and using Pascal syntax.

That's just because if you are drinking Coke, everybody knows, what's 
that. Same applies to Chivas or Champagne.
But if you prefer to drink milk, ppl will laugh on you.

Whenever they can't make the difference between the Pascal and FPC, you 
have to explain them in a preventative way.

Anyway, I'm really glad using FPC, which is much more closer to C than to 
Javascript or HTML, although ppl commonly will think when saying "Pascal", 
you're just a script kid, not a real programmer.

Thus, I think, the movement of making "Lazarus" will give a better look of 
FPC, because it will not be carrying the burden of a "scripting" language.
I mean, common ppl look to macros with merely better eyes as to Pascal.

That's like LEGO.
When you grow up, you think LEGO is for kids.

But if LEGO will grow up, and will be like IKEA, but still carrying the 
name LEGO, it will need a lobby in order to change people's mind about 

So, using the same brand for the products should be like Philips, which 
doesn't feel to well, although making different cars with different names, 
like Turbo Pascal and Borland Pascal will make people to notice the 
But then, you need more efforts to promote the new brand, like Lazarus.

I think it would be more important to see how people will react on the new 
brand, whether it will be accepted or not.

Well, personally I'm thinking to jews when it comes to Lazarus, because 
one of my great-grandfather was holding this familyname.

But everybody is thinking differenly, and in my case it's a positive thing
to make connection with my ancestors :)

Anyway, I think it's rather important to embold the differences between 
FPC and Pascal, since they do differ as 80286 to a PIV.
So, if intel has no 686 or 786, we should have something different, 
although maintaining a compatibility level with old apps can be important 

Anyway, we can't expect from Linus to switch the kernel to FPC, shall we?
However I will not expect from the Pope to go to Ankara on a bicycle.
Of course, you can say "travelling by car is not that safe as by train"
But it won't be an apology neither for DB, nor for the "Autobahn"

But maybe one day DB will come out with a propaganda on this issue :)
I'm wondering if Schumacher will be in that spot ;)

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