[fpc-pascal] even linus torvalds prefer pascal over c

Bisma Jayadi bisma at brawijaya.ac.id
Sat Dec 2 11:59:53 CET 2006

> * The statement is wrong, pascal allows you to do wrong things. You
> just need to use some typecasts (specially to pointer).

We can do wrong things almost on anything. It's just the matter of (1) how we 
use it [properly] and (2) how it prevents misuse of itself. In this discussion, 
the point (1) refers to the programmers, and point (2) refers to the language.

So, when point (1) refers to a world-wide known as good programmer, OS maker, 
etc. (no matter what language he actually uses) and point (2) refers to Pascal, 
that'd be a good material for promoting Pascal. Is it?

> * It´s written by someone with a strong dislike for pascal.

And that's the power of this promoting material. A big pascal hater prefers 
pascal to do things right! :D


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