[fpc-pascal] fpc and intel vtune (now about gprof)

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Wed Apr 26 00:00:27 CEST 2006

>> I hope you can see the difference between a linker, which is needed  no
>> matte how you want to use the compiler, and a tool like Valgrind  or gprof.

VS> With this difference, compiling -gv succeeds, even if Valgrind is not
VS> installed. Compiling -pg fails, if gprof/cygwin is not installed.

VS> One might argue, that this is a good thing, compiling with -pg without
VS> having gprof is useless anyway.

What is better?
   1. immediate access violation crash with "-gd"
    -- well, I wouldn't use dbx in win32 anyway
   2. confusing linker error "cannot find -lc" with "-pg"
    -- well, I can't use gprof without cygwin anyhow
       (while gprof.exe itself does not use extras except shipped cygwin1.dll)
   3. successful build with "-gv"
    -- well, I can say that my file is bigger!
       (but valgrind is not going to support win32)
(As I think, intentional rejecting an option should
  obviously depend on target system rather than the current one and
  keep in mind, that if it is theoretically possible, that debugger
[or something] will support that system, such a ban would seem
really strange)

>> What about user friendly filelist I mentioned?
JM> You're free to make it and we'll happily include it.
JM> Jonas
Probably I will try to write it for win32-i386-fpc2.0.3 next week, but I can
only depend on searching binaries (only unpacked ones) or sources for
text occurances. So, I will normally (without some web surfing or
something) not know, whether this or that packed ???.exe from third party
(i.e. without sources in FPC package) uses this or that third party
library file. Also, there are obsolete hints in sources to be
filtered out...

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