[fpc-pascal] fpc and intel vtune (now about gprof)

Пётр Косаревский ppkk at mail.ru
Tue Apr 25 14:49:47 CEST 2006

> > >> Last time I used gprof on win32, it worked fine?
> > > Is it normal, that compiler (linking stage) tells: "...ld.exe: cannot find
> > > -lc" and fails? (I thought about installing cygwin, but I don't understand
> > > what do I need from it.)
> > Just guessing here: Most probably libc.dll? Better to be answered by
> > someone else.
> > > Is it supposed, that I integrate cygwin with FPC or something?

Sorry, I got it (from bug reports 2888, 4342). I don't have to install cygwin, I only need runtime libraries: libc.dll and may be something more.

as,ld question: the answer is in bug report 4462. However, searching bugs or even browsing them is not a good option.

> > > Should I bump the "fixed" bug about uncommented compiler option "-Op4" (it
> > > is uncommented in both 2.0.3 and 2.1.x versions)?
> > I guess it would help to be more specific here - what exactly is wrong,
> > please?
> See bug #.

Bug number is 4929.

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