[fpc-pascal] fpc and intel vtune (now about gprof)

Пётр Косаревский ppkk at mail.ru
Tue Apr 25 10:34:47 CEST 2006

Sorry, eight questions ahead (first two are important to me).

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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 09:57:55 +0200
Subject: Re: [fpc-pascal] fpc and intel vtune
> > Remark: of course I don't ask here for vtune support, I ask about FPC tools. 
> > As far as I know, FPC does not have any profiler under win32 without cygwin.
> Last time I used gprof on win32, it worked fine?

Well, not long ago I was told in these maillists, that gprof requires cygwin under win32 for FPC.

Is it normal, that compiler (linking stage) tells: "...ld.exe: cannot find -lc" and fails? (I thought about installing cygwin, but I don't understand what do I need from it.)

Is it supposed, that I integrate cygwin with FPC or something?

Is it normal, that FPC from almost fresh base_w32... and fpc-2.0.3.i386-win32... required "as.exe" and "ld.exe" (I copied them from slightly older ones)?

Is it OK, that after recent FPC update I have to add "-Sg" for my pretty GOTO (It is objfpc mode, no extra option is required under Delphi)?

Is it normal, that with e.g. "-va" switch I see verbosely what was processed before "-va" switch?

Should I bump the "fixed" bug about uncommented compiler option "-Op4" (it is uncommented in both 2.0.3 and 2.1.x versions)?

Is it sufficient to build 2.1.x and rename one of "fpc.exe" to operate both release and development versions (I didn't try, but it seems that the one ppc386 would be run)?

Should I split this message?

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