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Eugene Mayevski mayevski at eldos.com
Thu Apr 20 18:51:05 CEST 2006

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FK> People following the svn changes recently might have noticed that a lot
FK> changes regarding win64 happened. So we're proud to announce the first
FK> x86_64-win64 snapshot which is also probably the first available OSS
FK> for win64.

Great! We have made our SecureBlackbox library available for compilation
with FreePascal and we hope to use FreePascal for building 64-bit versions
of SecureBlackbox. 

FK> It is far from being ready for production use, but for first tests it
FK> be
FK> usefull.

What are the main issues to be aware of when building the code with this

Sincerely yours,
Eugene Mayevski

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