[fpc-pascal] Division by Zero - not raised exception

Alexandre Leclerc alexandre.leclerc at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 14:49:22 CEST 2006

2006/4/20, Vinzent Hoefler <JeLlyFish.software at gmx.net>:
> On Wednesday 19 April 2006 16:32, L505 wrote:
> > I didn't say pure pascal programmers with no other skills.
> Of course you didn't say *that*. But it still sounds like you are very
> focused on language skills. Language skills are much less important
> than people usually think.

I totally agree that software design and abstraction of the logic
concepts are vital and most important to make the difference between a
good programmer/analyst and a poor one. This is a must and even if you
know or not a language you will be good or not at doing amazing
software and software architecture. It is like being an architect.

But for the language part, I find it very important too. Maybe a
little bit more that you do. I'm not fluent in English, but in French
yes. I think in French, I abstract in French, I do jokes in French, I
talk to people in French, I do poems and play on words in French; and
I understand others doing the same thing. But in English this is not
the case. I know enought to express myself with limitations. Yet, I
could have amazing ideas, idioms, jokes, but be completely unable to
express it or communication it in English, or "in the spirit of the
language". Translating a joke is almost impossible.

This example being said, An architect also knowing massonery will be
much better than a simple architect or a simple masson. He will
understand both and be very much effective in his task. C was my first
language, but I must say that Pascal is my native language in computer
programming. I'm able to abstract and do pretty good software design;
but when I try to put that in other languages, I'm limmited or it is
impossible to apply the design with the actual langauge.

So when I know i'll code in Pascal, my design will be very much
improved. I already know of what I'm talking about when I design the
software. I can almost see the source in my head. I know the language
capabilities and limmitations. Etc.

Well, it was only my point of view on the interresting point you have
raised. (Still, I totally agree with you, except that language is also
important. It will make the difference between two candidates with the
same "software design / abstraction" skills and personality in the

Best regards.

Alexandre Leclerc

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