[fpc-pascal] another fpc RAD: MSEide

Martin Schreiber fpmse at bluewin.ch
Wed Apr 19 11:30:34 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 19 April 2006 10.33, Micha Nelissen wrote:
> Martin Schreiber wrote:
> > mseide without DB support:                ziped
> Are you afraid to draw conclusions?
FPC db units do not compile with Delphi/Kylix, in MSEgui I use FPC db units -> 
MSEide with db support can only be compiled with FPC.

> > Kylix 3                           1.6 MB  672 KB
> > FPC with smart linked units (-CX) 1.8 MB  708 KB
> > FPC without smart linked units    2.1 MB  777 KB
> So 30% if not smartlinking. Acceptable IMHO.
I think also.

> > compiled with Delphi 7: 400kB
> > compiled with Kylix 3:  495kB
> > FPC with -O2Gp3 without smartlinked libraries:
> > FPC win32               600kB
> > FPC linux               940kB
> So, 50% and 90% respectively? Or what should we compare here? 90% is
> quite a lot, agreed.
Delphi7/Kylix smart linked units FPC 2.0.2 not smart linked units.
My systems crash if I try to build smart linked units with FPC 2.0.2.

> > Compile time with Delphi/Kylix is much faster.
> Again, how much ? Win32 is probably a lot slower, but nevertheless you
> should give some reproduceable figures.
About factor 5..10.
No problem if you don't need to recompile the hole project in 
code-compile-run-debug-code cycle.
Compiling and starting of application in MSEide after modifying a form is 
about 2..3 seconds on a Linux AMD XP 3000+, 1GB ram system and FPC 2.0.3.
I have some units in MSEide which let the compiler crash without -B option.

It is not possible to debug projects in MSEide which are compiled with Delphi, 
with Kylix it is eventual possible because of stabs debuginfo (I never tried 


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