[fpc-pascal] FPC and Lazarus as a main RAD tool?

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Wed Apr 19 01:02:39 CEST 2006

PS. I hoped that this thread will die and I will not waste my time, but
it is alive and I can't hold myself and do write an answer.

To be on topic, I just want to share my thoughts (they do probably differ
from yours), ended with not choosing Lazarus (but I trace its
development a little). I am newbie developer with some freedom in
choosing tools:

1. Lazarus is meant to be like Delphi (or better).
2. But there is no word Rapid in transforming Delphi project (the last
try was with Lazarus v0.9.14 or something).
3. There is nothing Rapid in docs: classes are not really Delphi
compatible and are not provided with clear explicit help.
4. Sometimes Delphi suck too, but there are many sites with code
examples etc. The MOST of them are not directly supported by Borland,
if I get it right.
5. Word Rapid again: changing sources written by other people or
waiting for support when some rewriting is required is bad option.
6. At some time I didn't find in distribution any Lazarus example
with, e.g. labels with different font sizes.
7. I was pointed in these lists that TTrayIcon is very important new
class in Lazarus. I was not excited: under windows I can implement
needed features by windows API and I don't need other OSes.

So, for me better help or code examples are crucial when Developing an
Application Rapid.

If Delphi were not popular long ago, nowadays there would be fewer
sites/code examples and I'd probably write interfaces in assembler or
visual basic:)

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