[fpc-pascal] FPC on NetBSD (i386)

Adrian Maier adrian.maier at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 22:53:25 CEST 2006

Hello ,

NetBSD is not on fpc's list of supported operating systems, although there
is an older version available (1.0.10)  which works fine, at least for my

I've tried to compile the latest sources (svn), but :

system.pp(23,6) Error: Illegal unit name: SYSTEM
systemh.inc(26,4) Fatal: User defined: You need at least FPC 2.0.0

My questions are:
- is there interest in having a fpc binary package for NetBSD ?  I would be
glad to dig in this direction.

- could someone give me some hints about how to compile freepascal ? I am
assuming that i should build some intermediary versions of fpc (step by step
from one version to a newer one) .  Which is the newset fpc that can
be compiled
by fpc 1.0.10?
(or should i better consider cross compiling it from linux ?)

Adrian Maier

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