[fpc-pascal] Division by Zero - not raised exception

Sasa Zeman public at szutils.net
Tue Apr 18 16:04:01 CEST 2006

> The problem was when you kept insisting that the compiler wastes
> memory and should be optimized (with a target of 128MB physical

Please read all carfully, you mis-interpreting whole thing again.

If you want more developers in the team, simply "yes or not" is not enough.
Explain how else to know more fact about current implementation without
reading source and waste time on this. On that way I may want to look in the
code and try to find way to optimize the process. You and Vreman constantly
close the circle ("dead loop").

In any event, you cannot say that compiler and linker algorithm is optimized
enough for each platform.

You also keep to ignore insulting and insinuations wrote here. If this is a
way to prevent any suggestion and problem reporting, this mailing list
should be declared "for developer only".

> That does not force you to work with experimental features such as
> the undocumented internal linker.

That is not the point here. Please read Peter Vreman's and my own posts
carfully again.

> Unless you have no interest at all in providing commercial grade
> support, because it's just a hobby and you want to be free regarding
> how much time you spend on it, on what you spend it.

Unless you calculate number od Delphi developer world wide.
I doubt that anyone will skip the lucruative oportunity.

And I doubt any contributor will work just for credit, except perhaps
students or retirement people.

> This is completely separate from the fact that we would have to
> convince all those people to actually sign such a contract.

That is the  law - any unvalid document is worthless. Contributor have all
right to requre fee after licence changing and without valid contract, this
is just another "Perpetuum mobile"...

In any event, we will see in the near future what will happend.

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