[fpc-pascal] Division by Zero - not raised exception

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Tue Apr 18 09:46:29 CEST 2006

On 18 apr 2006, at 03:38, Sasa Zeman wrote:

> It seem that you missunderstood. As a developer, I'm not interested in
> looking FPC code nor tracking future plans (details are alse never
> published, only future plans), but using it to create working  
> applications.

In that case, you cannot make any sort of demands or set our  
priorities. You can voice your opinion of course (which you did), but  
it is just as insulting to expect us to make your concerns our  
highest priority and to explain in detail the inner workings of the  
compiler without you willing to make any efforts, in particular since  
you do not intend to actually help everyone that uses the compiler  
(with patches) with that knowledge.

> From that point of view it is non-logocal and even insolting :  
> "Please stop
> asking for pathetic requirements. Especially for things where you  
> don't know
> where you are talking about and therefor without in-depth  analyses  
> where
> things could be improved." Or "If you want to work with development  
> code i
> think it is better to find out it yourself what is going wrong. " -
> especially that bugs in 2.0.2  require using development code...

Afaik the main reason you use 2.1.1 is for the internal linker, not  
because of bugs in 2.0.2. The internal linker is not a bugfix, it's a  
new feature.

> Since I testing FPC and Lazarus, I'm intersting in using it.  
> However, FPC
> and Lazarus currently cannot be competition to Delphi/Kylix. But  
> the most
> important advantages are daily updates and upgrades and we hope it  
> will
> become worthy competitor one day.

You forgot to add "for my environment and purpose" at the end of that  
last sentence.

> And stay OpenSource, in which  I doubt if
> Delphi discontinue.

Even if we would want to (and we don't, no matter how hard it may be  
for you to believe that), we could not make FPC suddenly closed  
source. It contains contributions from tens of people. We would have  
to track down and contact every single one of them, and convince all  
of them to transfer their copyright to us or to sign some contract  
before we could change the license of the compiler, rtl and pretty  
much all of the source distributed with FPC.

It's similar with Lazarus.


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