[fpc-pascal] Internal linker status

Sasa Zeman public at szutils.net
Tue Apr 11 07:48:03 CEST 2006

> No. 2.0.2 is a release and it sources won't change. If the fix proves
> it's stability in 2.1.1, it will be merged back to 2.0.3 which will be
> the base for the next release: 2.0.4.

Yes, that would be necessary. A fix for 4922 is essencial.

> We used the GNU linker on win32 for years and it worked. We know that it
> has it's flaws but it isn't that bad after all.

On Windows platform with small ammount of phisical memory (<=128MB),
compiling is very inconveniente and slow. New internal linker should solve
that problem as well (as mentioned already).


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