[fpc-pascal] Lazarus and FPC integration

Dean Zobec dezobec at tin.it
Sun Oct 30 23:52:14 CET 2005

Agustin Barto wrote:

>>What bad designs does it impose the programmer?? I have a big interest
>>to know because I like to make a as reusable as possible code. Are you
>>talking about the form designer??
>Software that's designed starting from the user interface to the
>behavioral parts of the program leads to some pretty nasty design
>bias. We usually call this the "visual basic syndrome" :)
It's true, but you don't have to use a RAD approach if you don't want to :)
The RAD approach is handy for prototyping or for the quick development 
of small utilities.
When it comes to bigger projects, to avoid the inclusion of the domain 
code in the GUI interface code, that leads to unmaintainable projects, 
you can choose a different design.
One approach is the use of the RTTI - aware controls to link them to the 
published properties of your Business Objects or, better, use a more 
complex but more flexible bridge pattern to decouple the link  between 
the business objects and the GUI without even using the RTTI metadata.  
You only need a powerful editor to be productive in this case, and 
Lazarus has a indeed a good one.
You told us about the lack of some refactoring tools:  Lazarus has a 
wonderful object oriented framework for writing plugins, so we all can 
feel free to contribute to add them. It's not a Lazarus limit imho.
Ciao, Dean

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