[fpc-pascal] Bindings to Computational Geometry libraries

Cox, Stuart TRAN:EX Stuart.Cox at gov.bc.ca
Fri Oct 28 23:37:45 CEST 2005

Thanks Tony.  

The FastGEO routines are quite useful, as you noticed, but it would be great
to be able to work with the others as well.  Not all functionality is
duplicated between them and the XYZGeoBench, being for Mac Pascal, has its
own way of looking at things.  

Let's see what other interest there is....


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On 10/28/05, Cox, Stuart TRAN:EX <Stuart.Cox at gov.bc.ca> wrote:
> There are a number of Computational Geometry libraries available from 
> the web.  It would be nice to be able to use them in the Pascal world.  
> Does anyone have bindings or wrappers or translations to FP for LEDA, 
> CGAL or say XYZGeobench?

i'm not sure if i know what "computational geometry" is ... but while i was
doing some messing about with code for a flight simulator extension i was
working on, i came across the following which helped me out some :


it is 100% Pascal code.

i don't know if it would be of any interest to you.

> Stu Cox

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