[fpc-pascal] free vision questions

Tony Pelton tpelton at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 15:04:23 CET 2005

hi all,

having a great time playing with free vision right now.

a quick question ...

can i get a hooked into the event loop thread for doing work ?

said a different way ...

based on my experience with other event driven GUI paradigms ... i'm
assuming ...

in the background, there is a thread of execution that is polling for
events in the ui, keyboard and mouse and dispatching those events into
the event loop  ?

i then trap those events in my code and "do stuff".

standard event driven gui stuff.

i would love to be able to "poll" some of my own code from the
existing event thread, checking for network data, and then dispatch
events into event queue that i can then handle inside the event loop,
to update widgets with the data.

is this a reasonable line of thinking for FV ?

am i overthinking this ? in other ui subsystems i've worked with (GUI
rather than console) it has always been imperative to be careful how
you deal with widgets when you aren't the event/refresh thread.

bottom line, if possible, i would like to avoid spinning my own thread
to do network polling, and once i see some data on the wire, i want to
be able to *safely* process that data and dispatch it into widgets in

i'm still trying to understand widgets and their relationship to
"backing" record types and pointers to data as well.

not sure if i'm suppossed to initialize widgets with their backing
data structures once, and then use handles to those structures to just
change the data and the widget will refresh and show the data.

anyway ... i might be digressing.

mostly, i'm just trying to understand if i can hook my own code into
the event loop thread and take advantage of the thread to do polling
of my own.


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