[fpc-pascal] cgi-bin/PSP

Tony Pelton tpelton at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 19:29:53 CET 2005

i don't know if i will get beat down for asking this question here ...
but i'll try.

i found a pascal web server :


it supports CGI suppossedly.

if i try to get it to use a PSP CGI, the web server renders a response
that says the CGI didn't return anything.

in looking at the source, and the CGI examples that come with the
tinyweb server, their example just does "WriteLn" stuff, writing to
standard out.

does anyone know, quick and dirty, if the PSP framework is writing to
'stdout' ultimately ?

sorry for asking here, i just didn't want to have to join another
handful of lists to get information, if i didn't have to, and i was
pretty sure there might be some PSP lurkers on this list.


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