[fpc-pascal] console ui ?

Tony Pelton tpelton at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 19:24:30 CET 2005

hi all,

i'm trying to hone in on a toolkit to use to do some "console gui" development.

something along the lines of the FP IDE, but not as complicated.

cross platform as well hopefully ?

i'm having trouble understanding what the deal-ey-o is with the "FV" libs ?

is there a licensing issue here ?

where is the doc and source for the "FV" libs ?

would the "nCRT" libs be a better choice ?

other thoughts ?

i'd hopefully like to find something that should be cross platform
(windows, mac OSX, linux) console gui toolkit, that has basic

standard dialog boxes

and hopefully something that has source and/or doc for it.

but most importantly, i'd like to find something that has a future in
terms of licensing and some support/development in the community.

thanks for any tips,

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