[fpc-pascal] fp can't find the correct libraries

J.L. Blom jlblom at neuroweave.nl
Sat Nov 19 16:41:33 CET 2005

I sent Wednesday this request also but perhaps it wasn't seen.
I was able to launch fp and read in the example progralm HelloWorld.
 However, this program (and any other program) will compile as the error
Fatal: Can't find unit System
But when I look in fpc.cfg the path for units is correct:
# searchpath for units and other system dependent things
Well, my unit directory is /usr/lib64/fpc/2.0.0/units/x86_64-linux/....
but I don't know where the variable fpctarget is initialised, I assume
in fp but cant find it. I have tried to set the path directly (in
options) however with no effect.
The system is: AMD64 3000+ (1 GB mem, 80 GB disks) FC4 2.6.12.

Another problem is that Lazarus complains:
 fpc = 2.0.1-050923 is needed by lazarus-0.9.10-0.i386
 fpcsrc = 2.0.1-050923 is needed by lazarus-0.9.10-0.i386
and of course it's correct (fpc version is 2.0.0. and I haven't found
fpcsrc-2.0.0 ).
So my questions are:
1.      Where is fpctarget initialised ? (or how can nudge fpc to run at
least "helloworld")
2.      Which lazarus version is available for version 2.0.0-x86_64 (or
there 2.0.1-050923-x86_64 version).
3.      Why do I need fpcsrc (I assume it's the source of fpc) to use
lazarus? (I didn't find it in wiki but maybe I didn't know where to
I hope somebody can give me the answers to my questions.
Thanks in advance,

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