[fpc-pascal] proc/func to return MAC address of remote system?

Scott I. Remick scott at sremick.net
Thu Nov 17 19:45:24 CET 2005

I am in urgent need of a procedure or function to return the 
MAC/ethernet address of a remote system using just it's IP or netbios 
name (either/or, both not necessary). I already have a working procedure 
I tweaked to get the IP (as a string) from the Netbios name, but sockets 
programming is beyond me. I've gotten as far as knowing there's a way to 
use getsockname function (from the winsock unit) but that's just one 
tiny piece of a whole process of creating a socket, establishing some 
sort of communication, closing the socket, etc... can someone just show 
me a working example I can use to get through this crisis and then I can 
study it later to learn from it? Thanks in advance

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