[fpc-pascal] Lazarus and FPC integration

Elio Cuevas Gómez elio at mixtk.com
Tue Nov 1 03:59:59 CET 2005

El Lun 31 Oct 2005 18:34, L505 escribió:
> >These are all good things, but if the IDE editor can't handle basic stuff
> > like international characters it's not very useful. Another thing is that
> > the IDE looks very ugly. I know these are Linux especific, in windows Laz
> > is great.
> I think that is GTK. I'm still messing around with fonts and things in GTK.
> I think the big problem with GTK fonts/sizes is that they aren't
> customizable on the fly in many distros? (i.e. fonts must be set up in some
> text config file which people rarely play with?)

Do you mean /etc/x11/(xorg.conf|xf86config-4)?
Font management in X is very confusing and is a pain, but i fail to see how 
this relates to Lazarus not acepting "á"s.
To me the problem seems to be in SynEdit and it's custom text management, but 
who knows.
Btw, the problems seems to be in the PropertyEditor too, extrange since this 
hasn't the problem before...

> >Btw, i hate Java :-)
> Why? :-) I'll add some reasons to the JAVA-SUCKS PasWiki page if you want.
> :-) And of course that with a grain of salt also.

Well, just the standard "Java is slow/Java is a resource hog/You can't make an 
OS in Java/etc" kind of critics which everybody should be bored to hear right 
now. Also in a smaller amount "Java is not free". There's a couple of other 
personal reasons too but since this discussion is way too of-topic already 
i'll leave them for another time :-).

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