[fpc-pascal] Optimizer in 2.0

Adrian Veith adrian at veith-system.de
Tue May 31 11:55:47 CEST 2005


I am newbie with fpc (but not with pascal, which I use more than 20y now).
We have lot of existing delphi code, which some of it, I want to port to 
new platforms - and fpc looks like the right tool for it. But I am 
concerned about the speed. I did some basic benchmarks and it seems, 
that the optimizers has no effect in the 2.0 compiler (or the code even 
get's slower).

With the 1.9.8 compiler, the same code executes 4 times quicker - what 
happend (or what do I wrong) ?

For optimizing I use the -OG3rp3 switch  - is it still valid ?



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