[fpc-pascal] Re: type declarations

Angelo Bertolli angelo at freeshell.org
Sun May 29 23:19:16 CEST 2005

> Ragnar Schroder wrote:
>>> ... they must be in the same type block.
>>> Anyways, it's how pascal works
>> I'd like to echo that.  Let Pascal stay Pascal.  Simple syntax and 
>> fast compiler.  I for one  really appreciate the Pascal way,  even 
>> though I've mostly used other languages in the  past.
> :-)
> Thing is, not only do I love Pascal, but --here is the difference--
> I have always used Pascal, all my life :-)

Then why did this confuse you?  And why on earth would you want to 
weaken Pascal's rules which happen to be its strengths?  There is no 
reason why a developer shouldn't know the language they are using.  
Pascal is a well-established language.  Most of the reason I've always 
used Pascal is because of it's strict adherance to certain rules and 
philosophies, and it's Wirthian nature.  Pascal is the philosophy, not 
the syntax.

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