[fpc-pascal] exit ?

Tony Pelton tpelton at gmail.com
Wed May 25 18:20:27 CEST 2005

hi all,

new pascal guy, but not a new programmer.

i'm used to being able to use the "return" reserved word in Java and
'C' to be able to short circuit the execution of a function/method.

over and above any philisophical judgments on my programming
technique, I see Free Pascal has a reserved word 'exit' that mimics
"return" ?

Is some analogy to "return" not supported in the official pascal dialect ?

is 'exit' the only way to do this, and obviously, not portable to
other compilers ?

is there another token that i could/should use ?

i do know that there is goto/label, but i would prefer not to use
that, as that construct has been beat into my head over the years as
being very bad.


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