[fpc-pascal] records - really a bug?

chromdildo chromdildo at t-online.de
Wed May 25 12:06:24 CEST 2005

Hello everybody.

I discovered a very strange bug/issue and I don't know how to describe
it best as a bug-report.
(or am I doing something wrong?)
I try: a variable declared within a record, AccessViolates when set
later in code,
if declared at the "wong" place..?..

(environment: linux/i686 - fpc 2.0.0)
look at this small snipplet: (attached full testing.pas source for

type Teumex_memory = record
     pin          : Tchange_string;
     // amtsbelegung : Tchange_bool;    // <-- leave it here, everything
is ok.
     msn          : array [0..9] of Tchange_string;
     port         : array [0..9] of Tchange_string;
     amtsbelegung : Tchange_bool;    // <-- put it there: Access
violation when amtsbelegung is set

Best regards
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